A report of Jury meeting at 2ACAA 2018! (06/09/2018)

A report of Jury meeting at 2ACAA 2018! 

Based on the award calendar, The jury meeting of 2ACAA 2018 has been held in IAAC in September 5th, 2018 and the candidates' projects of 2A Asia & Europe Architecture Award have been evaluated [in seven categories at each continent] total of 17+ 38 projects respectively. The first [Gold Medal], second [Silver] and third [Bronze] places have been selected in jury meeting.

The Jury members [Willy Muller, Abbas Gharib, Carme Pinos, Yoko Okuyama, Ali Basbous]
The award's director: Ahmad Zohadi 

The award ceremony will be held in IAAC- Barcelona, October 26th, 2018 

Based on the 2ACAA criteria, The following points have been considered at the jury meeting.

• Design Achievement including Concept, Strategy and Proceedings.
• Technical advancement includes engineering achievements (structural, mechanical, etc.) and innovative use of materials.
• Reflection of sense of place and of cultural identity and ecology; environmental sustainability (including ecological, and socio-cultural sustainability)
• Social responsibility and community and urban connectivity.
• The effects of economical conditions on the project.

• Transcendent Dimensions of Architecture