2A International Architectural Film Festival 2018

Throughout years, great directors have used architecture as a strong tool of expression in their movies and “objet d’art”. Shadows, angles and perspectives can bring these manmade corpses into life and make a lasting work of art. On the other hand, Creation of professional Architectural movies and short movies can provide a tool for the architects to present their projects and designs in a more inclusive and complete way. A movie can illustrate and show the building process of any project from the very beginning stage to the final completion. This can clearly express the effort, precision, expertise and the professional architectural details and knowledge that was utilized during the building process. Furthermore by using music, subtitles, moving images, and other film-making techniques, the project can be presented in a more attractive way, because it excites the senses and minds of the viewers simultaneously . The overlap of these two forms of art has a great potential for creation and development.

The artistic taste of an architect is of great impact in his/her work of architecture, for example the compositions used in the architectural creatures of Le Corbusier is completely based on his adopted philosophy of art. The making of a movie beside showing a more comprehensive details of a building or city, can be a mirror that reflects the aesthetic of an architect by offering new possibilities of expression, narration and knowledge sharing.

Hence, 2A Magazine is proud to announce the organization of "International Architectural Movie Festival" in two subjects:

1- Architectural Movie Award:
-Movies between 5 to 15 minutes in length
-Movies between 15 to 45 minutes in length
-Movies between 45 to 90 minutes in length
(Each classification will be judged separately)

A storyline with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence.

2- Short Architectural Movie Award [documentary, length: 100 seconds] in two different sections:
A) Built Projects, Completion date must be after 01/Jan/2010 (Film only)
B) Concept Project (3D Presentation- Animation)

- Residential - Housing, Apartment
- Offices (Buildings & Unites)
- Retail (Shopping Center & Shops)
- Cultural (Library, Amphitheater, Cinema, Gallery, Museum, Religious buildings [Church, Mosque, Temple], Exhibition Centre)
- Hotel / Resort
- Infrastructure (Urban Space, Roads & Transport)
- Landscape(Garden, Park & Green Space)
- Health (Hospital, Clinic, Community Health Center & Nursing Homes)
- Industrial (Factories, Workshop, Studio, Warehouses)

Advantages of Movie as a Presentation Tool in Architecture:

More comprehensive presentation
A movie can capture different aspects of a work of architecture in a more detailed manner. To be said exactly, it can show more in less time. As an audience it surely is more informative to see a movie than to read and inspect architectural sheets.

Entertainment – Movies are a source of popular entertainment. From the moment we indulge in watching a movie, we are transformed into a new world where our mind is at ease, it forgets everything and is concentrated at watching. Everybody wants to relax and be amused. Every age of people, young and old, literate and illiterate want recreation. Recreation is an important part of life and movies provide that avenue. One of the assets of presenting architecture in the form of movies is that it's not only more entertaining but also it indulges the feelings of the audience as well.

Movies stir our Imagination – The weirdest, the most extreme, the most unbelievable things are shown in movies. Some films are based on comic book characters, adaptations of novel or drama. They bring to life the inanimate and it requires imagination. Today, we have so many techniques and instruments which show us the unseen and unimagined. Both the viewers and the movie directors conceive ideas towards their own personal objectives. The audience witness’s audio-video which enhances their imagination and their feedback inspires more varied imagination.    

Showcase of World’s Art and Culture – Many of the customs and traditions of different parts of the world are shown in movies. While sitting at our homes we are able to travel virtually to places where we cannot imagine to be. Most of the movies show customs and arts of foreign countries. They give us insights about human activities and a better understanding of people of the world. They can be a great tool to show the context of an architecture alongside the building itself.

Films Educate us – Films are platter of various disciplines, they show us history, culture, science, technology, politics and lot more. These disciplines are not confined to one particular region; these educate us on varying geographical regions across various time lines. We come to know about the past, the present and the future. In fact visual medium is means of better education as we retain information for a long time when we visually see it.

Art Form – Films are a Universal Art Form, a platform where you can express and communicate your thoughts or emotions. Just like a painter paints his imagination on a canvas, movie makers express their emotions, views, angst, joy and so on. People have ideas and they use films to point out their opinions or viewpoints through cinemascope. Some want to recreate some historical event while some indulge in fantasies. In their objective, they create beautiful scenes, thrilling moments, happy environment etc. which become their own style and an art form. These inspire others to create their own unique art of presentation.  

Movies are Mirrors to Society – Films are inspired from our daily lives whether partially or fully is another story. Most of the films have a certain portions where we really get to see what we know but don’t think deeply about it. Various films depict historical, mythological scientific and social themes. These are reflections of society, both present and past. Movies show the aftermath of a war, social evils, political strategies, human rights infringement and various other sensitive issues. A wide platform as films is most effective in presenting these issues and sensitising the public at large. They create awareness, build civic sense, ensure public morality and their propagation.

Films Inspire Us – Films inspire us in more than ways that we can imagine. Some profound inspirations are given to us by inspirational movies. The old age stories of the victory of the good over evil and the ‘never give up’ one’s are apt at towards their objective. Films inspire us to be brave, clever, insightful, experimental, loyal, determined and other virtues which make us positive minded. While not all movies are inspirational but you never know what may inspire whom and through which film? Apart from this we get inspired by the film industry itself. Most of the stars, directors etc. have a story of struggle, hard work and how they reached at the top? These examples themselves become source of inspiration, though in an indirect manner. Similarly, when movies win certain awards it arouses within us an urge to shine in our respective field of work.   

Candidates and Winners:
In total 25 movies will be selected as candidate movies, presented and awarded among all the above categories on the final day of ceremony. (10 movies in each short architectural movie award section(20 movies) and 5 movies in architectural movie award.)
3 movies among all the candidates will be announced as the winners of 2A International Architectural Movie festival 2018 in three categories: 

1-The best movie in terms of social and civil indication

2-The best movie in terms of technical and aesthetics achievement

3-The best movie in terms of architectural achievement

Judging Criteria:
1- Architectural Significance: (%65)
Quality, Creativity, Innovation and Originality of:
    - Diversity of Design Ideologies and Methodologies
    - Cultural diversity - definition
    - Contextual Analysis
    - Conceptualization and design
    - Advanced Technologies
    - New Social Sensitive
    - Sense of place and ecology
    - Relationship between architecture and movie industry (Architect and Director)
    - Create multi layers unity: intellectual, cultural, humanistic and spiritual.

2- Movie Significance: technical & aesthetics aspects and quality of the movie (%35)
Quality, Creativity and Originality of:
    -Visual Creativity
    -Music, Sound Design and Soundtrack
    -Composition Skills
Note: additional features will be noted for animated and documentary movies.

- Applicants will have to register for each category they enter.
- Each applicant can register more than once in each category.
-Registration for Short Movie Award can be done online and registration for Movie Award can be done by email [The email address: Movie@2amagazine.com]

Enrollment fee for Short Architectural Movie Award is 79 EUR and for Architectural Movie Award is 89 EUR.

Entry Eligibility:
- This competition is open to anyone, in particular, Architects and Directors.
- All entries and the content of them must be original and must be authored by one individual/group.
Note: English is the official language of this competition.
Note: If the owner/designer/group of designers like to participate in the award, must register under the name of project's architect.

Entry Date and Time:

The entry opens on December 1st, 2018 and closes on December 30th, 2018, 4:00 pm CET.


-The top ten movies in each section of Short Architectural Movie Award and top ten movies of Architectural Movie Award will receive honorary medals and certificates in the award ceremony.
-All top ten of each category will be displayed separately in the day of award ceremony.
-The Report of the award ceremony will be published in 2A Magazine and other platforms.
-All top ten movies and short movies in each category will be published in 2A Magazine website.
-The winners will receive trophies and certificates as a praise of their works.

Copyright Policy

By submitting your project to 2A magazine website, you transfer the copyright of all the submitted materials to 2A magazine. 2A Magazine has the privilege to require more publishing materials if needed by contacting the participants by email or telephone.

If there are any misconduct, mistake or lack of credits regarding the project team and designers, 2A magazine has no obligation and the issue concerns the participants directly.