Issue 9 - Pages 136-139


I have been interested in photography from my early childhood. However, my interest became more focused and directed towards architecture and construction after becoming a professional in the field of architectural journalism. I believe a person with artistic feelings enjoys all forms of art. Photography is an art, just like architecture. In fact, both are deeply complementary. And I love it because it is deeply associated with the principles of designs.

I believe to have an inner talent in art is the primary step, but that is not the end. The inner part is the talent, and the outer part is research, hard work, discipline and processing and knowing all about various aspects of photography.
In fact, these two should not be put in contradiction with one another, because they are two necessary and complementary parts of the creation process. The talent is the initializing half of the circle, and the knowledge, other disciplines and techniques are the finishing half of the same circle. They are both absolutely needed to complete any form of art, and photography is not an exception.
So if you ask me about what is that makes a good photographer?  I would respond “Love for photography, alertness, a good and artistic vision, knowledge and persistence with discipline,
I have chosen to continue photography, because I deeply believe that, our soul is a multi-dimensional being. And photography allows me to freely express my perceptual experiences and feelings in as many possible dimensions. And by sharing them with my fellow humanity, I would like to make their lives a little more colorful, joyful and beautiful.
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