Issue #42

2A Magazine [#42] new edition published new!


Chapter 1:

- Introduction of 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia and Europe 2018


Chapter 2:

-     Compatibility of Form with its Surrounding Environment

-     Progressive and Well-Balanced Large Scale Architecture: The determining factor is always the quality not the quantity

 -    Introduction of a City - Spiritual Duets



- 2A Award

-     2A continental Architectural Awards for Asia And Europe 2018



- Ahmad Zohadi


 Compatibility of Form with its Surrounding Environment

 -    Europe’s largest polycarbonate roof over the historic Śląski stadium

-     New Swiss Embassy Nairobi, Kenya

-     Crematory in Igualada Igualada, Spain / Carme Pinós

-     Catalan Government Headquaters in Tortosa Tarragona, Spain / Carme Pinós  -         Astana Train Station - Murat Tabanlioglu,  Melkan Gursel


 Progressive and Well-Balanced Large Scale Architecture

-      Fashion Mall Torino Outlet Village, Turin, Italy, 2017 - Claudio Silvestrin Architects

 -     POC Ermida -Pedro Geraldes (lead architect)

-      Islamic Conference Organization Center/Willy Müller

-      K-1299 / Ali Basbous 

-      N’5 / Ali Basbous

 -     Uptown / Ali Basbous  



- An interview with Behnam Atabaki [CEO of Technical and Engineering Consulting Organisation of Tehran City] by Ahmad Zohadi



- The Project of Chitgar Bridg in Tehran [First Place of the Architectural Competition] / Arash Mozafari 



- Esma Sultan - Gokhan Avcioglu



Introduction of a City

- Paris: The City I Grew Up In / Faryar Javaherian 


 Urban Planning

- City Phoenix - Enrico Da Gai, Ali Yavari



     - Spiritual Duets / Nader Ardalan

-    Karl Schlamminger / Moshe Safdie


2A  Archiconnect



Islamic Conference Organization Center , Willy Muller


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